“Overcome with emotion as I read my upline Pastor Tracie Davis email. She puts every ounce of energy she has into helping us succeed. She has a system in place that is so duplicatable and doable that unless you desire to, it is impossible to fail. If you are struggling in your current mlm, it matters whose team you are on.” ~Courtney Artiste

“Wow! I found you online and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have leadership like yours. I was looking for the full package and I found it in you. Thanks Pastor Tracie. ~ D. Randolph

“Our dream team webinar was crazy. Pastor Tracie really poured into us. tonight Bentleys, mansions and a whole bunch of cash. Lord we thank you!!!! Louisiana 360 dream team I pray you realize what we have in our leader Pastor Tracie. People pay thousands to be taught what she taught us for free tonight. Let’s honor her by implementing and reaching the top.”~

“Awesome!! Thanks for all the help and it’s working!!!!!! I can never thank you enough. Pastor Tracie, thanks. You’ve made me dream big again and you’ve also given me an opportunity and the training to succeed. Wow!! Thanks so much!”
~Felicia Captain

November 22, 2013- From Felicia Captain

Yes, Mam this is true. The way you spoke to me made me believe in myself. I remember thinking “listen to this woman speak, she’s kind, she’s smart, and here she is thinking I am smart enough to go into business for myself!!” So I BELIEVED YOU and I did just that! LOL I am forever grateful to you and your kindness and your coaching!! A thousand multiplied by another thousand= THANK YOU!!!!

“She rocks.. She really does!~ Connie Reeves

“WOW!! What a boost of motivation the Dream Team Webinar was. Thank you Pastor Tracie for all the great information that you have provided for us to ensure our success!!! The sky truly is the limit we you put God in it. Thank you Jesus!!!”
~Natasha Cezar

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